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The Capital of India is bustling with tourists, vacationers, and travellers. Even though a lot of hotels and motels are available in the city, choosing one for your transitory stay in Delhi can be difficult.

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One of the best things about taking a trip to India is that you can choose to be as lavish or as cheap as you please. But, there are several things you can do to make your India trip friendlier to the pocket.

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The world adores the Taj Mahal as it’s an inspiration for love. Unlike other wonders in the world, it’s something that will not go out of fashion. That is the reason why it is considered the most prominent and most loved tourist spot in India.


Delhi is a great city to visit, and it brings in front a whole lot of cultural, architectural and also historical establishment for you to explore. Here are some of the best things you can do in Delhi.


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Literally translating to pilgrimage to the 4 abodes, Char Dham Yatra basically refers to the 4 holiest pilgrimage sites in the country of India and these include Dwarka, Puri, Rameswaram, and Badrinath.

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Safety and hygiene precautionary measures that hotels and restaurants are following to welcome guests. 

Delhi Airport

Do you know Delhi airport quarantine rules, if arriving or departing?