Explore Haridwar with Trimrooms Hotel

Haridwar – Your One-of-a-Kind Summer Vacation and Spiritual Tour Destination 
Every year, tourists and pilgrims flock to Haridwar as their ultimate destination for summer vacation and spiritual tour. Haridwar is where Ganges River enters the plain areas in North India after it flowed 250 kilometres from Gaumukh, its origin. 
During your stay in Trimrooms Haridwar - Dwarkadheesh, there are a lot of things and activities you can try to have a memorable experience like no other in this Indian district. 

Ganges Ceremony or Ganga Aarti
Har Ki Pauri’s Ganges Ceremony is popular in India. Every single day, there are hundreds of people who come here to witness the Ganges Ceremony or Ganga Aarti. There are even days when millions of people visit. The Ganges River is being worshipped during this ceremony. This is because Ganges River provides life to mankind in the form of water for many centuries. Mingle with the local people while sitting at the ghat, or listen to vedic hymns with the divine music then chant along thousands of people. The Ganges Ceremony is a special occasion where you will experience firsthand an amazing devotion and auspicious atmosphere. 


Take a Holy Dip at Ganges River
The Hindu Tradition believes that you can get rid of all your sins when you take a bath in Ganges River. An average of One Billion people takes a Holy Dip each year. The part of River Ganges located in Haridwar is very clear and exudes a unique sense of sacredness which can never be found in other nearby towns. This is why Haridwar is considered as the best place for taking a holy dip. 

Ashram Visit
Haridwar is also renowned for its Ashrams. All sects of Hindu have their own Ashrams in Haridwar. Each Ashram boasts of its own rules and work culture. The Ashrams are usually visited by famous spiritual leaders from different corners of India. Some Ashrams are popular for their religious and social activities. Visit an Ashram while you are in Haridwar to know more about their unique culture and meet the people living there. 


Temple Visit 
There are several temples in Haridwar dedicated to different goddesses and gods. Mansa Devi temple is extremely famous as she is believed to be a goddess who fulfills wishes. You can use the ropeway or you can walk up the hill. Maya Devi temple found on the riverbank as well as the Chandi Devi temple located on Neel Parvat is among the key temples in Haridwar. 

Ayurvedic Treatment 
The Sanskrit word Ayurveda means science of life. This focuses on an enlightened and healthful living, a concept which is gaining a wide acceptance all over the world. Haridwar serves as the hub for Ayurvedic treatment. You could also indulge in an Ayurvedic treatment at many different places dotting the area. 


Street Food 
Haridwar’s street food is famous for its street food. You can fill your tummy with kachoris at Kashyap Kachoriwala or enjoy some alco puri at Mohanji Puriwale. If you are a fan of sweets, you can head to Mathura Walon Kin Prachin Dukaan.